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Injector Ballast

Paul M

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I have a 1.8 ohm fuel injector and 16.5-16.7V battery

In the G4 installation manual it says to use a 2.2 ohm ballast resistor for injectors 0-2 ohm

I have 4 injectors and will be using 4 injector drivers

To figure out the injector current draw I did,

16.7/(1.8+2.2) = 4.175 amps

Current seems too high and the recommendation in the G4 installation manual seems to low at 2.2 ohm

What is an expectable injector driver amperage I should be aiming for?


Also can anyway recommend a fuel injector ballast resistor package or box - I know haltech sell one and many oem like WRX, RX7-8 and many Nissan models come with standard from factory

Anyway know what resistance they are?


Thanks in advance

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What's the part no. for the ballast resistor and what's the resistance?

16V lithium battery but has more than 16V when fully charged

Prefer to wiring resistor in neatly

Something like this, need to know the resistance though


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You ideally need to know the current the injector requires to open.

Effectively the ballast is limiting the current to that required by injector.

So if the injector needs 4 amps to open the a 2.2 ohm is about right.

If it only need closer to 2 amps then a 4R7 resistor would be the right pick.

A 10 ohm ballast will be far to big and the injector would likely never open.

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