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Ecu problem?

Oskar Mejving

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Hello. I got a G4 plug in to rb25 nissan skyline. And I have a problem but dont know what it is!

I was out for a ride and pushed it a little bit and it worked perfekt the hole night. But suddenly it just worked on four cylinders. No 2 and 5 was not working. After a few days in the garage I managed to get it going perfekt again but dont really know what I did. Was out for a hole evening again and it worked perfekt. When the engine just running with no gear it started to work on only four cylinders again but this time on No 1 and 3

What can be wrong, any suggestion?

Many Thanks

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I would be taking a close look at the igniter, Also check the main plug is done up fully and is seated tightly at both ends.

I have seen cases where the plug in not fully connected at the ECU causing lots of problems.

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