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Problem spanning load with MAF (g/s). New Firmware.

Guy Gove

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Hi there, I sent the following email and info to the [email protected] email address a week ago but have had no acknowledgment that it was received, so I have decided to post my problem here as well, here goes. 'Hello I recently purchased a plug and play ecu for a nissan CA18DET, part number NS13G4. I have installed the ecu into the car and successfully tested the inputs and outputs. The engine has yet to be fitted though so it has not been setup or run by the ecu yet. I have just started to configure the ecu for my application and updated the firmware to the latest available on the website this last weekend. I intend to run a MAF sensor for load and have run across a problem with the latest version of the pc link software. When I try to change the Y-axis of the fuel or ignition tables to Mass Air Flow (g/s) it produces a single row with the label 'Not Defined' Changing the Y-axis to Mass Air Flow (g/cyl) does appear to work though. However I wish to have my tables spanned in g/s. I have also noticed, using the software offline, that this problem does not occur if you open an older pcl file, downloaded with the previous version of PCLink. Loading an older pcl file and sending to the ecu does still cause the problem to occur. I have attached to this email a few screenshots of the problem as well as the two pcl files I've used to show the problem. I'd appreciate it if you could look into this and see if it is just a problem/incorrect setting on my side, or if it is a problem with the software.'




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