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tps Settings explained please

David Thompson

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I have a link engine management system in my car, guessing g1 as manual is dated 1992, was installed 1996. Upon resetting the values in the computer I do not understand the meaning of the values in TPS both high and low, low is set currently at 24 which is seen on the TPS mode on the remote, high is a percentage figure. When the vehicle is in idle the value is noted as 24 and upon acceleration the value is noted up to 148. Is there a way to use these values to help me set both the low figure and the high percentage figure.

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TPS should always be set from the TPS menu and not through the zone table. TPS closed throttle is often 10 or 20 and TPS wide open throttle will normally be 100 unless TPS is being used for the row steps.

Adjustment is done using the adjust keys on the remote.

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