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speed input g4 xtreme

George McFarlane

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You will need to wire the sensor to a DI.

This DI will need to be configured as a speed input.

The Calibration number allows the ECU to calculate ground speed in km/h.

Note: In some cases erratic speed signals can occur due to unusual speed signal shapes. Changing from Rising Edge to Falling Edge or vice versa may help with this problem. This problem usually presents as random spikes of increased speed.

Set-up Procedure: The Calibration number is the number of pulses received over a 100 m distance.

Method 1: Drive the vehicle at a known speed and adjust the calibration number until the Vehicle Speed Runtime Value displays correct.

Method 2: Wheel Speed Sensors Only. Calibration Number = (Number of Sensor Teeth / Wheel Diameter) * 31.83. Note that wheel diameter is in meters (m).

Typical values for speed calibration numbers range from about 170 to 280.


Note: Vehicle Speed can be checked in the Runtime Values Digital Inputs tab.

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