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Link G3 plug in, stepper issue


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Hi all, i have a plug in Evo G3 that has had its firmware upgraded to G4 the proplem i have is a throttle rev on startup. If i cycle key on and wait for tacho to do its sweep and pump to stop priming then start its fine, (allthough the increased  idle drops away too quickly) but if i key in and start the engine will rev to about 4,000rpm for a few seconds. any ideas why?


Also the figures in the cold start map eg 15 is this 15 steps from fully open or 15 from fully closed?

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You will need to check the digital input for the AC request is operating correctly.

Depending on set up the stepper could be doing a reset at key on this will cause the stepper to go to fully open at key on and then back to the idle position.

If you start during this time the RPM will be very high.

The step count is from fully open.

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