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early link on 1uz

david brereton

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Ive just brought a hilux with a 1uz lexus, the ecu is white and green so im guessing its an early link. Out of the side of the ecu is a data cable going to a box which has a com plug or vga type plug then a usb cable, we have connected a computer with windows 7 and it would not detect and we have tried with windows vista and still will not detect.. any help?

Also the tps has not been wired up and the truck has a problem where when you put the clutch in it will lift the revs.  eg. driving along at 2500rpm put clutch in and it will lift to around 3500. does the tps need to be hooked up or would this be a vacuum problem?

thanks for any help


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Hi David,

The box with the connectors is a 'ComLink', it has a different usb chip to our G4 ECU's and requires different updated drivers as Windows Vista and 7 did not exist when it was produced. The usb chip is a FTDI type. I have uploaded some drivers to the Support section of our website for you, hopefully they will do the trick.




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