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Mazda renesis

Robin Lind

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Hi. I have recently instald g4+ storm on my mazda renesis 6 port . And i have a rather odd problem . It looks like inteferenc butt it comes and goes  and gets wors when engien is hott . the TPS sensor is erratic and  the puls widh and duty cycle is to . I hav tried to shut off  the TPS butt still the same problem .  when i did a test drive today it started to go on 1 rotor then i died an did not start  reloded the base map then it started . now it runs wors then ever .  I heve attacht the base map  and  idle logg file



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In the log the TPS is moving enough to cause acceleration enrichment to activate. This will cause the mixtures to go really rich.

I would be checking the grounds to the TPS and the actual TPS sensor.

I suspect the plugs might have fouled which will be causing the bad running now.

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