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Link Plus G2: led on de ECU won't come on even in Ignition switch in on position

Gerwin Laarman

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i have a problem with de G2 ECU that i build in my Subaru Impreza 2L out The year 1997

When i switch the key in the ON position the led form the ECU wont come on,it only flashes for a second between ACC position and ON position.

I checked: the 12V In from Pin 53 and the Signal ground from Pin 54, can't find any problems here.

Can somebody give me a tip where i need to search now?

with best regards,

Gerwin from the Netherlands


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It works,

at first it the ECU wouldn't  connect to my PC

Then I realize I forgotten to install the ECU Firmware software, I did the Install and update my ECU with Update firmware V1.9.2.

after that I can connect my PC to the ECU.

How dumb can I be to forget something like that. oh well now it works like a Charm.

Thanks for your Support.

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It will be the scaling does not match what is selected.

For the bosch sensor you will need a custom cal. Entering the voltage at point A and B and matching pressure readings.

When the calibration is done it is matching the reading of the map to the baro sensor. The sensor type needs to be selected or configured correctly to get the reading close first.

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O.. oke it is a shame, thanks for the reply.

another Problem that i can't solve:

How these the Tacho work form a subaru ?

everytime when i crack the engine its shows that i have  A trigger signal is present form the Crankshaft, but no RPM?

i have connect my tacho on the Aux 3 (tacho)

Tacho Duty cycle:20% and Multiplier: 1.0

checked earth, Crackshaftsensor is a new one so that it not: do i forget something?

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There is a good chance you are not getting a cam signal to the ECU or the timing of it is not correct.

Trigger two should be connected to the cam position sensor.

If this is missing you will get a trig 1 but no RPM reading.

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