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What have I got and can I use it on a 4AGE small port.

Richard Old

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Hi everyone and thanks in advance.

Go an unused Lem V4 with break out loom, injector ballast, fuel relay, capacitor and all the documentation including the disc.

The problem is I have no idea what engine it is set up to run and if I can use it for a 4AGE 16 valve red top small port.

I have done a couple of searches and have managed to work out I have a G1, Lem V4 produced in 15/12/2003 thanks to my results.

I have also worked out what it will run is set by the internal switches and which reluctor board it has but can not get any further than that through the forum search, I just get no results.

Can you help, Switches are 1 up, 2 down, 3 down, 4 up with reluctor board 42 ver b.

S/N 001958

What I need to know is can I just change the switch positions to suit my application or will I have to send it back to the factory to have it modded to my new application.

Again Thanks.

4AGE runs high Impedance injectors, map sensor, TPS, variable reluctance transducer type dissy, single coil, cold start injector and the std Toyota temp sensor to control the OEM ECU, not sure what system it uses for idle control but the lack of a stepper type would indicate a 2 wire, as you can tell I have read the manual and have a basic grasp of what it will take to do this right.

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Hi Richard,

As you have worked out, the trigger sub-board is going to be a key question on this ECU. If you can take a photo of it and attach it we may be able to identify the sub-board and then go from there.



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