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Map sensor options?

Matt Dunn

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I am looking at a LEMG3 to run my new engine, But wanting some advise on what map sensor to run. With the earlier versions (LEMV3) etc that had a large PSI map sensor, if you ran 20 psi I dont think you could use all the rows available, and lost some tuneability. If I use the 5.0 bar map option on the G3, Can you change the rwow resolution so you can still use the full map. From what I read the two map options are 2.5 bar which is 21psi, or 5 bar. I am planning to run 20 psi most of the time, but will at times run up to 25psi. As I am running a multi throttle body setup I want as much tuneability as possible. Wil there be any disadvantage in getting the G3 with the 5 bar instead of the 2.5? Is there a 3 bar option? And if I sent it back at a later date is it possible to get the internal map sensor changed from one to the other?

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OK, there is a significant difference between the V3 and G3...  Firstly you can add or remove rows where you want in the main tables.  that means that if you want more precision in areas you can have it and you can always use ALL of the table if you want...  The next thing is that for a multi-throttle engine you will be using 4D mapping.  You will have the main table mapped off TPS and the 4D table mapped off MGP or MAP.  That is the only way to overcome the tuning issues on turbo charged multi-throttle engines (in fact its how all engines should be tuned!).  Anyways...

As far as MAP sensors go, ideally you should run the lowest pressure one you need.  You will lose a bit of resolution going to a higher pressure sensor.  If you are going above 21psi then you need a 5 bar sensor, simple as that...

Yes, the sensor can be changed at a later date (for the same sort of price), it can be sent back and swapped within a few days...

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Other G2 and G3 ECU's that use external MAP sensors can be used with a wide variety of sensors, including the GM 3 bar sensor.  As the LEM has an internal MAP sensor it can only be fitted with the parts that fit the circuit board.  Unfortunately they are only 2.5 and 5 Bar options...

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