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rb26dett factory oil pressure unit


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im trying to wire a fae oil pressure sensor to link g4+

it seems to be a resistor type sensor if you look at the schmatic


for this type i should just use an volt channel and set the measuring type to ohms?

i tried but cant get sensible reading out of it.

whena measuring on the table (pressure 0) then resistance is ~80 ohms

i filled in one of the calibration tables but as soon as i put the sensor to ground i get analog input ground error

any ideas?



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Hi Kuuno,

you are correct the diagram does show that the pressure sensor is a variable resistor as per normal, not a switch.

You will need to contact your supplier to get the specs as far as voltage or resistance : oil pressure to be able to make a CAL file to suit.

You need to also go into analogue inputs and down the bottom go to fault settings and set your low and high volt warning settings , set minimum to 0.00volts for now.

If you cant get the specs the other option is to put a multi meter across the pins and use a compressor and regulator set the pressure regulator at say 10 psi, and test ohms, set to 20 psi, test ohms etc all the way to say 100 psi or KPa equivalent if you wish.

This way you can build your own CAL FILE for the sensor.

Hope this is of some help.




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