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Engine won't rev out

alan martin

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Hi folks i have an older link which i believe to be a G1. The manual says LEMV1 and the sticker on the ecu says GMECO D42GMECO 290402 its running a 2.2 gm ecotec (marinised).  I have several problems and questions.

1.  the RELOAD function in the tuning module will basically factory reset the firmware to a D42GMECO 290402 baseline?  Not completely erase the firmware?

2. The engine won't rev out  under load ie,  in the boat,  prop on and approx 100l of fuel in the tank.  It accelerates really well up tp about 35kph at 3000rpm but won't rev past this even at WOT.  No load ie no prop ,  on the driveway ,  revs out past 6000 rpm no problem. Even with a smaller prop that it should be able to spin out easily it will struggle to reach 4000 rpm.. I'm wondering if its a fuel supply problem,  what sort of pressure should this be running?

3.  Possibly the reason for 2 but ,  it also has started spluttering  and has stalled once.  This was after a short run,  maybe 10 minutes.  shut off for 30 secs and it started up perfect and ran well,  (well to the limits in 2 above).

I'm going to check all the fuel lines and replace the fuel filter after the pump this weekend,  see if that helps.

What sort of fuel should i run,  would it make a difference?





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