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need help with vlt LEM G1

jordi pirrie

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Hi I've just purchused a 3tm vl Lem with hand controller for my R31 skyline, Im running a high comp rb30e+t setup with big turbo, fuel pump, adj reg, 444cc gtr injectors and can't get it to start. It reads 100rpm when cranking and inj duty cycle reads 0%,I have spark, Im wondering will it run the gtr injectors. It was out of a vl (ripsv8) which was running a similar setup. cheers

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Hi Jurgen I'm not sure if my link ecu has a onboard MAP sensor, My link ecu has a hand held tuning controller, I was also woundering how to adjust the pulse width on the 444cc injectors, as its running rough won't idle? I've taken some photos of the ecu, I would of attached them but the files are too big as 100kilobytes is the max attachment size, Do you have a E'mail and I can post you the pics?, Cheers for the help.

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