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link g1 gtst setting base timing and cas

Robert Schouten

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Hi, I have been trying to set up my link gtst with my rb30de in a31 cefiro. using pc link and laptop

I can get all the configuration right until start up and base tune.

I set the CAS fully retarded as described in settings and set timming adv limit to '0' when I start it and with the use of timing light it sits at 10' atdc advanced and cant retard the timing anymore. I set the sync board to B with the led light still flashing but still cant get timing to 10btdc, I have changed to cas with no change, when I try run a diagnostic in the menu to try and get a sync error count it comes back with 'information unavailable'..

what do you think the problem could be has anyone else had this issue? or have I dont something wrong?

thanks, Rob


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It could be the switch settings on the sub-board. The switch is the other side of the LED to the sync switch.

This should if fitted be set to 0.

Failing that make sure the cas is installed in correct spot. Some times the locating flat can be broken off allowing it to be put in in the wrong spot.

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