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High Level Tacho - Low Level Drive (peer review please)

Craig Jennings

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Seeing as there is weird info online and not much is clear in regards to driving a high level tacho with a low level signal I figure I'd take mine apart and apply Ohm's Law as I figure it's got to be simple enough surely!
97 Mazda B2200, link atom g4.

So I dragged out my tacho


You need to see what is + 12V, what is Ground and what is 'switched ground' or whatever that is, signal I suppose, from coil.

Now that you've found your signal, check to see what size the resistor is (hopefully there is one and I've not wasted your time).
Mine is a through hole resistor which is nice and simple, they may exist in thin film too but those are easy also, don't be discouraged. You'll want a fine tip on your soldering iron though.


So mine is a 42k resistor. Now using Ohms law 200V / 42000 =  ~0.005 amps. (guessed at 200V, might be 400 but with such a large denominator it doesn't really matter)
Because we have only 12V to play with we go backwards to find the resistance needed for that amperage
12 / 0.005 = 2400, so we need a 2k4 resistor.

So I took out the 42k resistor, replaced with 2k4 resistor and put it back in.


Video of tacho working:


RPM sweep works nicely too, thanks link!

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