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G4+ CANBUS sensors


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Hi all,

Just had a quick question about the compatibility of other canbus devices with the G4+. Basically what i would like to do is run a wideband o2 via canbus to the ecu. As far as im aware link do make one themselves but the likes of AEM and Haltech do? could someone please let me know if these units will work on the G4+.


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Hi Paul,

I can tell you straight up the Haltech unit will not work via CAN BUS,

The CAN BUS DATA format is an encrypted format, to protect their intellectual property.

This is their call and must be honoured.

However the WB1 and WB2 units have auxillary outputs for data logging etc.

I have already been down this path.

As for the AEM, I am unsure.

If you contact AE and ask if they are willing to send the CAN BUS data string and protocols then if there is enough call for it, then LINK may do the software to suit.

Maybe the LTC MoTeC unit may work, but not very cheap.



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Thanks for the reply Dave,

So just to confirm really, i had been looking at the AEM 4 channel UEGO controller. if i was to pursue using one, chances are id still have to use the analogue outputs into the G4+. The main reason i found the CANBUS UEGO attractive is that it should eliminate the ground offset issues that compromise accuracy sometimes with analogue widebands, any thoughts or am i worrying about nothing?

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Your thoughts with the ground offsets etc are spot on.

As for the use of the AEM unit I am unsure, it is all dependant on whether they will supply the CAB protocol to LINK or not.

Considering you have a G4+ if you are able to program CAN there is no reason you can't create the CAN comms to work with the AEM if the appropriate info is forwarded.



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