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Boost control question

Mitchell Middleton

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Previously Mitchell Middleton wrote:

Hi Link staff. Just got my Nissan S15 tuned with plug in G4. It is fairly stock but it also has the Link 3 port boost solenoid running 14psi. However I noticed my tuner has tuned it in open loop mode. ( not closed loop )  Is this unusual?


That would be a question for your tuner.  All Link did was provide options of either open or closed loop for tuning, you tuner decided to choose open loop.  Its easier and quicker to set up open loop boost control so ask him if that is the reason.

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Is there any reason you ask?  If your boost control seem to be functioning fine, I'm not sure why you are scoping the tune and questioning what the tuner has done.  

As Kelly mentioned, the Link provides a lot of different functionality and offers more than one way of achieving a result - you select your tuner to decide how to use that functionality to achieve the results you desire.   I personally have used openloop for almost all (or all?) of the cars I've tuned and found it perfectly capable when set up right, in some situations it has advantages over closed loop - guess it depends on the car is, what the tuner prefers, and what is needed from the boost control setup.

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