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Configurable tacho

Fredrik Pettersson

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Long time since i posted but im having a problem with the tacho output.

I currently run it like this (to have tacho sweep)

Engine cam sensor (1-1 per 720deg) to LINK Trigger 2
LINK Tacho output to stock ECU
Stock ECU expects a 1-1 signal per 720deg and then sends the signal through CAN to the Tachometer

The Problem is that the LINK is set to fire once per Ign event , is there any chance we could configure it to fire per revolution ?

Im currently running it with a 0.17 multiplier which makes it work, kind of (rpms wont display below 1200rpm)


(Engine off , gauge gets stuck at 2k during ceremony)

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Good morning,

Is the cam sensor a reluctor or optical/hall sensor?

If the sensor requires a pull-up resistor to be turned on you could possibly share the signal to the Link ECU and the factory ECU, allowing the factory ECU to provide the pull-up. In this setup you would have the pull-up resistor turned off in the Link ECU.


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Hi gain Fredrik,

Normally the multiplier option should allow you to bring down the amount of pulses. The multiplier would depend on the number of cylinders you have. Which vehicle, engine and ignition setup are you running?



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Im running seq(360) on a 6cyl bmw m54 :)

The multiplier runs really low which is my concern (0.17 i belive gives me the right tacho)

But again this causes the rpms to not go below 1200rpm on the tacho.


Running fully seq injection(720) might help but i cant figure it out how to do so since i just get trigger errors setting it up or no engine starts.

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  • 11 months later...

So i've had time to dig into this abit ;

The tacho as said wont go below 1000rpm.

At 1000rpm i get 8.3 expected 50%DC pulses

Playing around with traction Control i was trying to get a LED to flash slowly but i read that you cant go below 10Hz on the Aux outputs.

As 1000rpm is about 10hz i now know why i cant get the rpm down on the tacho.

I Believe i need an external signa converter to make this work as the limit surely is hardware , right ?


Cheers // Fredrik


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