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6 pin ISC control on 2JZ-GTE

Andrew Loader

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I have been looking at your documentation for 6 pin ISC which I am using on 2JZ isc  which i have connected to aux 5, 6, 7, and 8. My idle is was all over the place so I figured out the auto electrician have gotten 2 wires swapped so I swap them and now I have a smooth idle.

I am not completely familar which the setup but. I am just using the open loop mode to set it up but the idle seems to increase instead of reduce as the engine temperature increases.

Can you tell me what order the ECU aux outputs are fired in to open the solenoid (increase the idle) as I can not seem to find this any where in the documents. if i knew this info then I could get it connected correctly as I know what is required to open and close the 2jz ISC

If I have it backward can I just change the base values in the table which has I think how many steps to full open against require rpm. or do I still have the wiring backwards.

Any help would be great

I will post up the correct wiring once I figure this out







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I just realised I posted the wrong numbers above from the wrong piece of paper

This is how it is actually is wired

link pin    toyota ecu name  isc pin

aux 5          isc 2                     1

aux 6          isc 4                     3

aux 7          isc 3                     6

aux 8          isc 1                     4


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