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M5 Turbo engine with single butterfly per runner


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i hope someone can help me.

I have a BMW M5 engine with turbo and 850 injectors and single butterflys for each runner after the intake manifold.

The manual says I have to switch to TPS as load signal, but how about the boost influence?

Can someone explain me a strategy for the tuning with TPS and map combined? for fuel and ignition?


If someone has a startmap of a M5 or M3 engine with turbo and similar configuration, it would help me quite a lot!


Thank everybody


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Hi Phil,

I would recommend setting your Fuel Equation to Load = BAP/MAP XOver.

This can be found under ECU Settings > Fuel > Fuel Setup

Have a read of the PCLink help section on this, it gives some guidance on the type of setup you want. This can be found under PCLink Help > G4 ECU Tuning Functions > Fuel > Fuel Setup > Fuel Equation.

For Ignition you could setup your main ignition table with the load axis spanned to TPS, then add a 4D ignition table and span this to MGP.



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Hi Phil,

There are areas of your base-map where your engine will be in vacuum and areas where you will be above atmospheric pressure.

Setup the main fuel table with TPS(Main) on the y axis raning from 0 to 100%. Tune the areas of the fuel which are in vacuum monitoring with a wideband O2 sensor. (You can set up a digital gauge to monitor MGP.)

Setup the 4D fuel table to be always on, set the y axis to MGP ranging from 0 to what ever pressure you want to run up to. Tune the 4D fuel table with a wideband O2 sensor.

The 4D table will be operating as an overlay of the 3D table. There are areas where the tables may both need tuning. You also need to be setting up your boost control and tuning your ignition timing.

Hope this helps,


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