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configuring Link G4 to control water spray on wrx


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Hey guys,

After looking at my intake temps the other day on a drag run, i need to hook up a water spray setup on my TMIC.
Intake temps rose from 19*c at start to 65* by end of the run, first time i've had an intake temp sensor, so never noticed.

Anyway, wondering if it would be easy to configure my link to control the water spray pump on/off given a 2/3/4D table or something along those lines.  Say above a certain RPM/Throttle/Boost etc?  I have the v3/4 plugin for the Subaru wrx.



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Yep no problems for the G4 to control a water spray.

A typical setup is to have a Switch input and and aux out configured for IC spray.

So you will need a free Di and Aux out.

If you are not running AC this would free up the ideal input and output.

The Help file in PCLink has a section on the configuration of IC spray.

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