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Tip on starting setting up Ver 3/4 Subaru G4

James Mowat

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Hi there

I'll start with - I am a complete novice in regards to ECU install & setup

I was hoping to get the ECU, Extra connector loom, Optional IAT sensor, Knocklink installed & running enough to

drive on to the trailer to get it tune

Already running a Innovate LC-1 Wideband sensor & Gauge, - Need to wire into the Link


I have got the link running the lasted firmware,

I have started with Subaru V3-4.PCL file

The IAT sensor is seeing 100c on Ignition (car hasn;t been run for a week & its 6c outside) (causing the ecu to drown the eng with excess fuel on start attempts)

- Is STD Bosch NTC - is this right sensor, (i do have the optional replacement to installed, but i wanted to have the car running before i starting adding all extra parts.0

- MAP sensor - the sensor type is set to Subaru V7-8 - I change this to v1-6 but then the MAP calibration fails

- MAF Sensor - Set to Subaru V7-9 ,But there is no preconfigured option for V1-6 MAF


Has Anyone got a better stock Subaru 98 File that will get the car running


CQE WRX, 98 Green 4 door, 2.0 or 2.5ltr (depend on which one is not broken at the time), 6speed,



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IAT reading high will actually remove fuel. (this is a minor trim and should effect the initial start up)

Haven't seen it on v3-4 before but on the v5-6 Subaru some of the late cars did run the later V7-9 type map sensors.

If it reads correct at atmosphere then you will have the correct sensor.

I suspect the biggest thing you are going to need to do is lower the master fuel number.

Are you running stock injectors ?

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At the moment i am running stock injectors, (grey 380cc ) At the moment,

I want to have car running before i change the injectors (1300cc E85 ready )

Someone has suggested i turn off the IAT sensor & have another crack at starting

But I'll take your advise first & try the master fuel first


Once it has started & idles i can remove the manifold for changing injectors & fuel lines, then install the aftermarket IAT then set that up




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Have you tried changing the dipswitch settings on the board?

Do you have a air tempsensor fitted as generally on the sti came with them fitted on the intake snorkle if not then the 100deg temp you see is due to the fault settings so either turn it off altogether or install the correct one after the intercooler.

it should start on the base map just be a little rich but enough to drive onto a trailer.


David Heerdegen

[email protected]


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Ok, was the dipswitches, I thought as it was almost running that it would have been them, but

changed them & up she started.

Trimmed the main fuel to 8ms to get it idling in a stable fashion

Got the Wideband wire in, idling @ 12.1:1 so still rich but can drive in & out of the shed

Will do some more reading up on the Quicktune function, but first I'll fit the new IAT,


Thanks very much for your inputs

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