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Please HELP Civic 92-95 G4p lug in board


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Stuck on my civic turbo and need some help to get it up and running please.

I'm installing my G4 pnp unit and have removed the distributor and fitted an AEM EPM so i can run coil on plug direct fire.

I will be using 4 ign coils from the 2005 honda k20 engine they are 3 wire coils with built in ignitors.

I have connected the aem epm wires to crank and cam input on the ecu and wired the coil outputs to ign out's A21, A18, A14, A10.

What i need to know is how do i setup the ecu trigger's and ignition main also how do i get the tacho to work as it was ran off the distributor before that i have now removed.

what should the setting be for ignition main.

Ignition mode=     Spark edge=     dwell mode=     Ignition delay=     spark duration=     Maximum advance=

What should the settings be for trigger 1.

Trigger 1 type=    Trigger 1 filtering=    Multi-tooth posn=    Tooth count=    Tigger 1 arming threshold table=

What should the settings be for trigger 2.

Trigger 2 type=    Trigger 2 filtering=    Sync mode=    Trigger 2 arming threshold table=

Please get back to me ASAP as this is the only thing holding me back from getting the car up and running.

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The AEM EPM is uses optical sensors to give two 12v+ square wave outputs, one 24 pulse 'crank ouput', and the other a single pulse 'cam output'.

So, your ignition settings should be setup like this:





You will then just need to go through the 'set base timing' proceedure.

For your tacho, you will have to connect to a spare aux output and set its fuction to 'tacho'.

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Ok, so it looks like you cant tag/hyperlink images into this forum and it also seems you cant edit your own post after it is posted either?? So I hope you will still be able to click my links above to see the settings. If not please post back and I will try again.

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