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Mazda FD3S Base Map request...


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Hi all,

I wonder if anybody may have a Base Map for a Original Mazda Rx7 FD3S (1992) 13B REW engine, or a streetported one.

I use the Link RX wiring in ECU, NOT the Plugin ECU. - I have cut out all the original connectors from original harness and
wired them into the LINK out wires, worked great. - I use all original parts for this setup like:

Triggers - FD3S original, 1 trigger and 1 sync in original position.
TPS - FD3S original
Coils - FD3S original
Injectors - FD3S original

I have found the LINK FD3S 'Plugin' base map in the Link Library but cant find one for the 'Wiring in' ECU.
- I have heard that I cant use the 'Plugin' version because it can create problems.

I'm pretty used to setup Link G4 and can handle the Software, though to save me some time, instead of building a
Map from the start I now want to see if anybody on this forum can help out...

Hope to hear from you guys,


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Hi John,

The only base-map I have access to for your application is the one included with your PCLink install, and is for our plug-in ECU. Although the plug-in inputs and outputs are likely not in the same places on your RX install as the plug-in, you could still use the plug-in base-map as a reference for settings in your RX base-map. You can also export the tables (fuel and ignition) from the plug-in base-map into your base-map. This would give you a starting point for your base-map.


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