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Evo 8 Fuel pump not running

Jimmy Engdahl

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Im trying to get a evo 8 to start up.

I did use the evo 5 base map, found out several I/O was wrong, now i found out the fuel pump isnt working.

Is there any different from Evo 5 to Evo 8 in fuel settings on the pump?

I also have 2 Oxygen sensors (front and rear) but it dosnt seams to work and map says its on pin 76 in the ecu.


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On some models the Fuel pump output and A/C clutch output are in opposite positions. Your base-map will need to be modified if this is the case.

For the oxy sensors it will need to be set as a narrow band input. Also the fault settings will need to be set to 0V low as the sensor will read 0 volts at engine not running.

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