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Supra JZA80 G4 Extreme wire in


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I wire everything in according to the supra plug in ecu . I use the base map and pinout as my guide. I order a 400mm A / B loom and mate it with my oem harness. ONE thing i notice when i was reading the manual is that the trigger 1 & 2  both have 2 wire and a shield. 1 white for sensor ground a shield to ground with the white wire. 1 red for the trigger 2 positive. Same with trigger 1 with a black positive wire. BUT on my A loom I only have 1 for each trigger . A black with green strip and a red with green strip. NO white wire, no shield. So how would i wire this in?


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Trig 1 wire to the +side of the crank sensor

Trig 2 wire to the + side of the cam sensor.

Both - sides need to be connect to a sensor ground

If there is a shield this should be attached to the shield pin on the ECU as long as its not connected to a ground at any other point.

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I got a question for exactly the same application, there isnt a shield pin on the ecu, i noticed on the crank angle sensor there is a grounding at the base (which i assume is for the shielding), but on the cam angle sensor it is not done the same way (may be done internally ?). Also the crank shaft trigger (sensor i assume) has a +ve and -ve pin. Should we be connecting the -ve pin as i see on the g4 it doesnt have a -ve specifically for any of the triggers ?


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