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Where is the PDF files for tuning any Link ECU

David  Bernardin

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Hi David,

I read your post this morning and I even commented on it.

I don't see anything that has been changed in your posts, unless you posted something before I went online and read them.

Once again I find the LINK /ViPEC range very user friendly and easy to navigate and tune.

I tune a substantial variety of ECU's and picked up on navigating my way around very quickly.

As Simon stated in your other post, you only need to right click on anything your not sure of, a "WHAT'S THIS" will pop up an explain the function.

If you want even more info, go to the HELP file type in the search box what you are looking for and it will come up with a list of options to choose from, highlight that option and click on "DISPLAY"

I personally don't know of any ECU manufacturer that gives you a "HOW TO TUNE INSTRUCTION MANUAL".

If you need a manual on "HOW TO TUNE" then I strongly advise you DON'T try to tune.

Incorrect settings or setups with in the software can cause severe engine failure when not done by a professional tuner or someone who has experience in these procedures.

I am not trying to be an ARS#HOLE, I am just trying to give you some down to earth advise.

I strongly advise you give serious consideration to joining up to the HPA HIGH PERFORMANCE ACADEMY.

Here is their link  http://www.learntotune.com/

There are many courses available and it is excellent value for money.

You get to join in on tuning webinars that cover a vast variety of tuning how too's from dyno tuning to road tuning.

Setting up and TUNING the LINK G4 etc, etc,

There are so many topics, videos and webinars available as well as the FORUM.

You actually have a very nice and quite sophisticated ECU with great software, please don't trash it and bad mouth it out of frustration.

Plus slandering it all over the internet on other forums is really uncalled for and will achieve nothing for yourself.

If you are so very reliant on this "HOW TO TUNE  MANUAL" then HPA is the place for you.

So do yourself a favour and check out their site and give it a go.


Dave. PRO Tuning.

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