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link g1 gtst plug in ecu


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hey just a quick guestion had a link g1 ecu plug in for my r33 gtst for 3yrs or more now last 12-18months ive done bigger upgrades gt3582r turbo etc the car use to roll up 300kw at wheels on dyno etc but last 12months or so its basically been on dyno 2-4 times since and wont get any power at all.. around 220kw at wheels..doesnt even feel fast on the road either, on 20psi.. tuner has had drama with another r33 link g1 and it ended up being the ecu that was playing up? upgraded to g4 and fixed problem straight away. also car has a really bad miss fire/hesitation at 2000rpm on light throttle.. tuner cannot find it.. been there for aslong as i can remember. bolted in a mates g4 ecu with basically same mods and went for drive and miss fire instantly gone.. hmm any help be nice cheers

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Chances are on the G1 the miss at 2000rpm is the ECU going from sequential to group firing on the fuel.

Not sure on the lack of power as assuming ignition and fuelling are doing things correctly there is no reason ECU wise to see a drop.

The G4 will out perform the G1 in every area but I don't think it will find the missing 100KW

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