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44S on a my01 WRX - factory immobilser??.?

WANG Computers

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also i need to identify the ecu, hopefully its the higher load point resolution type & not the rally version - if that sounds right?

this is from the seller-

"All I can find is SOIWRX1 CODE 775 070803 AND SLAVE2KC 070803 AND SUBWRXE2070803 AND 2002 Link electroSystems, on the back of the board it has 2003/02 S/N Link Electro systems, fits standard 01 wiring which I think is 5 plug.

Back of original box has 3180-3 Corstat, black box with wires has a 14pin female plug on the end of the flat cable and a 9 pin female plug on the other side of the box. Just found 0305 CCL-11812 on the main board"


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