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MR2 Not idling well once warm Rev 3


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I've had my G4 Storm mapped by 2 different companies, neither can get it to idle well once warm


Thing is once warm the intercooler fan comes on occasonally when warm (normal operation) causing the volt to drop then come back as the fan initially turns on. This in turn drops the revs and its start hunting from 850rpm to 930rpm, Its very noticeable.

When i was running OEM ecu it wasn't doing this. It also has an affect when driving as it sometimes causes the car to stall if you do not save it with the clutch.

Perfectly illustrated by, if you are driving and you let you foot off the gas to allow the engine to slow itself, it will start bucking once it gets to 1000rpm and lower. On the standard ecu it was not like this and would allow for overrun.


Is it possible to have it running like OEM on idle and have overrun back?

Any help please thanks,

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Hi Steve this should defiantly be able to be resolved with a bit of work around the idle control.

Is the ECU controlling the switching of the fan? Or is it independently controlled?

Where are you based in the world?

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Check out www.protuningcairns.com

Dave has been doing a lot of remote work lately and is well set up for it.

For him or anyone else to remot map you will need a internet connection available while the laptop is in the car and connected.

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