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Where is the 'mixture table'?


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What your asking is possibly better explained here -> http://www.vi-pec.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=402&p=2571&hilit=math+key#p2571

With the fuel table open and a cell selected you can press the M key and the QuickTrim box will appear. You enter the logged air fuel ratio and then press enter and it will tune that cell. You have to be on line to use it. It is a easy way to tune a powerful engine on a dyno as you can just ramp the engine while data logging, then use the QuickTrim to tune the cells the engine passed through.

It seems that the 'M' key is a extra step in the tuning process, you 1st run up the engine while logging all the parameters, then using the 'M' key, you take that logged data and 'Modify/tune' each cell that was logged..

I'm only guessing here (sorry not enough dyno time, almost finished the drive shafts) but from what I have done on the LinkECU, the tuning of the cells is live, tho I'm not running a big engine (Toyota 4AG with quite a bit of home work on it) as the engine runs, it takes the table with the required mixture ratio, compares it to the Wideband input and self adjusts the fuel map cells to suit

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Naaa... Thanks for the reply but thats not it. I know of the M key and i use it all the time.

That one is for one cell at the time. I belive this mixture map should let you tune multiple cells at once based on the logging you did. It should fill in the logged data for you automaticaly. With the M you need to type what the real AFR was and press enter for it to change the map

Now i have not ever seen it mentioned here at the link forum, only over at vipec, so there is a chanse we do not have this option. However i found it mentioned in the helpfile, and the two softwares are much the same (link and vipec) so i belive it should be in there. Just have no clue how to find/enable it


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