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4.8.1 Firmware Selecting Fuel Map Values, Right Clicking, Interpolate Not Working?

Josh Burt

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I just loaded the new firmware on my laptop and had a go at adjusting my fuel map. I used to be able to select multiple values in the table, right click, and interpolate. Now when I right click the multiple values I have selected it only selects the single value I right clicked on. Maybe I am retarded, is this happening to anyone else?

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When selecting multiple cells you have to right click out of the map , actually not on a cell and it is working . If you right click on the map it resets the multiple cells selection and pick the one where your mouse was when right click . Its a bit tricky especially when you want to interpolate multiple cells in a specific direction and not in all so you cant use the ctrl+I shortcut :( . I hope Ashley gonna fix this one :D too

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