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G4 Plug and Play XS Loom wiring diagram?

John Smith

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Hi There,

ECU: Link G4 Plug and Play

Vehicle: 1998 R34GTT with RB25DET NEO 

I have a link G4 plug and play. I'm looking to use the XS Loom to wire in my wideband and a few other sensors but i can't find a wiring diagram for it anywhere. There is no connector, hence no pinout. Does anybody have a link to a diagram so I can work out what wires do what?

Any help appreciated.



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It varies for each plugin application so the colour is not constant. And might also change without notice should we have a wire supply issue.

Once I'm back at work ill check for colour to function on a board. 

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No problem mate, I've attached a couple of photos. This is the only secondary harness that I can see coming out of the ecu, and I purchased the XS loom at the same time and place as I bought the board (RPW in West Australia). Whether my tuner has chosen to install a completely different harness I couldn't tell you, though I can't fathom why they would do that when I supplied them with the correct one... 

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