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WRX 99 - What ECU is this and what software do i need?

Daniel Watt

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Hi guys,

I just bought a 99 WRX and it came with the Possum Bourne Performance centre ECU and serial link adaptor.

These are the details on it A7 First line 2261   AE480 Second line A18-000 DL9   EX06

So I pulled the ECU in and downloaded PC link Version 2.5 and was able to connect to the ECU however I do not know what needs to be done to make the car run as with this ECU it will not start.

Do I have the correct software for this ECU? (handwritten on the ECU is "version 5 or 6" however I was unable to connect to the ECU with G4+ version 5)

Can anyone send me a configuration that will get me started?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


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Hi Daniel,

You won't be able to open it with Link G4+ as this is the new current generation ECU platform.

You say you where able to connect with PC LINK VER 2.5.

Can you elaborate on this, do you mean you can go online to the ECU and actually see live parameters etc , but if you try to start the engine it will not go.

Can you attach the PCL (TUNE FILE) so I can have a look for you.

Also might be handy if you can remove the cover off the ECU and look on the circuit board for any identification stickers or printing on the circuit board itself.

There maybe a sticker on the CPU on the circuit board.



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I managed to get the car to start with the new ECU.

It was set with dipswitches for engine immobiliser so that is a good start.

 Took the car for a drive and it is not running nicely at all.

I have attached the file which I hope was from the ECU and I had not stuffed anything up yesterday when I was playing around.

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Good morning Daniel,

Thanks for the email you sent us. I will reply on here so that it may be of use to someone in the future.

Dave is correct, the PCLink G4 or G4+ software will not work with your ECU, this is intended for more modern generations of our ECUs. PCLink Version 2.5, as you have found, is the correct version to use.

Good to hear you sorted out the issue with the dip-switches. It sounds like the ECU needs tuning to suit your setup.

Where are you located? I may be able to recommend some local tuners.


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