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Factory Trigger wiring

Jeremy Towers

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Hi. I have a factory loom in place on my LS2 Holden motor. I would like to splice the factory loom onto the G4 Xtreme loom near the ECU. However I noticed that the G4 loom has Screened wires to the two Triggers whereas the factory loom uses Unscreened wires. If I use the factory trigger wiring is it likely to cause a problem with respect to noise etc at the ECU? I am pretty sure the output from the trigger sensors is conditioned 0-5V and not a raw reluctor signal. What do you reckon? Thanks,Jeremy

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Chances are you would get away with it. But its often better to be safe at the outset and just run the link wiring for the sensors right to them. Much harder to add the shielded cable at a later stage.

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