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Out of digital inputs

Niklas Adolfsson

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I have a Impreza STI V9 with a plugin G4 ecu, but I have a problem. I am out of Digital inputs and need just one more to activate antilag. I bought the expansion connector, but realized that the DI7 and 8 are not avaiable.

Can I use a analog input together with and virtual aux? What is the best way to do that?

Will it work if I take the expansion +5V and run it through a switch and back to AN volt 6. And then setup AN Volt 6 as a GP input with CAL 6-table.

Cal 6 I set to A 0V and B 5V, output units None, output A 0, B 1.

Then configure Virtual aux 1 and GP Output, Cond 1 only, AN V6 > value 1.

Then under Antilag I choose Virtual Aux 1 for arming.

Will it work? Did I do something unnecesary? No problem routing the +5V supply to An volt 6 without any load?



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