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hot idle issue on v6 sti

Anish Lal

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Sounds like the base idle position is too high. (base step position)

This will cause the idle to sit too high on throttle close, the ECU will then lock out the idle control as the RPM is above the rpm lock out.

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ok so got the hot idle sorted

well made it to open loop idle controll

idles at 1000 when hot

but cold remain start now stars at 800rpm and goes up to 100 rpm when hot

i changed the enrichment tablesd a bit but now the cold start stutters a bit and starts of rather doggy

(do higher numbers mean more foel in the cols start tables?)

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Yes bigger the number the more fuel.

You will need to have smaller numbers in the step position table at cold temps and getting bigger as the car warms up. This is due to the position being steps from fully open.

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