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clostloop problem and set static timing problem

johan nilsson

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I have a Link LEMV5 on my toyota mr2t-91. And I have a problem with clostloop and set static timing.

If I turn clostloop on and the Engine is runing rich, the clostloop function just make it richer not leaner. And if I put in the original ecu it runs att 14,7:1 nicely. So what can be the problem?

And I cant find the funktion to turn on set static timing. Where in the pc-program is it?

Regards Johan

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In PC link to set static timing you need to set the Advance limit to 0 and then check with timing light.

Most likely your target voltage is set incorrectly so it is targeting a rich value.

But really the closed loop on the G1's is not the best as it relies on a narrowband signal.

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