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Need Help with grounds.

Tim Sayen

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I actually have two questions. First off, is there a plug and play harness available for my 91 Nissan 240sx with the KA24de? second question, I am installing a g4 storm in the vehicle listed above and looks like there are several grounds listed on the ecu pinout for the storm. which ones are which? says I need a power ground and 2 grounds on the engine block ect ect.

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First Qn: We unfortunately do not have a plugin for the KA24DE.

Second Qn: All the information you will need is in PCLink Help. But as a quick overview:

Power Grounds (Black) to two clean spots on the engine block (for injection, ignition and other solenoids)

Signal Grounds (Green) to sensors (Crank, Cam TPS etc).

Shield Grounds (Green) connect to shields (triggers etc)

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Thanks for the info Phil. as for the signal grounds, the crank, and cam sensors run togather through the Nissan ECCS. and the triggers, fall under the same category. I have a factory service manual with the pin outs for the ecu, under the green wires (crank,cam,tps) and the shielded grounds which goes where? thanks in advance for the help, I am sorry to be such a pest about a nissan, it was just so much easier to run this ecu on my subaru.. regaurds, Tim Sayen.

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