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G3 LEM Tigger Error on EG33

Jonathan Eldred

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 I'm using the Link G3 LEM with three pairs of LS coils arranged in a wasted spark setup. Also using the stock cam and crank angle sensors (well, the pins fell out of the front 12 tooth one, so I borrowed the rear 3-2-1 sensor and placed it on the front). Right now it idles great and revs up to 2000rpm or so where it starts to throw a bunch of trigger error counts and sounds like it's hitting rev limiter. Sometimes if you hold it there, it will clear that limit and rev right up. We tried wiring capacitors into the coil power wires like the manual specified, but it made no difference. Any ideas on what to try beyond here besides wiring in another 12 tooth sensor on to the front trigger wheel? I figure all hall type sensors are more or less the same. We're using resistor plugs and plug wires, so there shouldn't be any interference from them.

Also, any further info on where to procure appropriate capacitors from? We've borrowed one from an RB20DET engine harness (.5uf) and also one that looks like it's more intended to wire into a circuit board (1.0uf).

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The RB cap will be fine.

The sensor polarity will need to be check and the arming voltages will likely also be different.

THe Sensor you have Im assuming being subaru will be a two wire and if this is the case it will be a reluctor sensor not a hall effect.

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