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Using OEM knock sensor on Nissan R34


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I've been looking at a standalone ECU for my R34 GT-R and I came across the Link G4 Plug-In but I haven't make up my mind yet.

I did some searches about how to connect two OEM knock sensors on the Link G4 but didn't find answer.

Is it possible to connect the knock sensors on the G4 Plug-In ? If yes is it possible to use the knock sensors signals in PC Link ? I saw options regarding the knock in PC Link but I don't know if it can use OEM knock sensor signal.
Feedback are more than welcome.

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Good Morning,

It is possible to connect your OEM knock sensors to the Plug-in ECU, but you will require a knock interface like the G4 Knock Block to make this work. The G4 Knock Block requires a spare Digital Input (which the ECU has) and a spare Auxiliary Output (Which the ECU does not have). This means you would need to sacrifice something like your A/C compressor control output.

So, yes it is possible, but not easy.


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