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AFR target table for tune and open loop

Leo Chabot

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Hi everyone, i'm using an afr wideband on my WRX V6 with G4 plug in.

So I want to use this wideband for : Tune my fuel table with quick tune, and have a loop for correction in real time.

I read the link help, and in 'afr target table' that's write :

  • The Fuel Table is tuned based on TPS and the ECU automatically looks after the changes in manifold pressure. 
  • Fuel table Y axis = TPS

I dont really understand,I have to put my fuel table in TPS/RPM ? Because actually my fuel is in MGP/RPM and i want to keep this axis.

Or can i just keep my MGP/RPM fuel table and tune it with and activate Open loop AFR table ?

thanks ! (sorry for my english ;) )

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The AFR table can be spanned off any of the options the same as the main table.

The AFR table should ideally match the main fuel table and if you are using MGP for the main table this will be fine.

In some cases if tuning in TPS you can have the AFR table on MGP to help compensate for boost.

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Open loop uses the AFR table in the main fuel calculation (mathematical correction)  so there is no need for any gain control.

So to answer your question you do not need to have closed loop lambda control to use the open loop AFR correction.

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