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Honda s2000 trigger problems

Richard Bradley

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Hi. Im having trouble with a customers car. F20c Honda s2000 on a link plus atom.

Previous to wiring the loom I marked the trigger wires from crank and cam sensors on the original loom. Link provides diagrams which are different to the origina Honda wiring.

I wired it according to the original loom. The car will start but will take a period of cranking. The green trigger 1 and 2 indicators are coming on but I'm not getting an rpm reading for a good few seconds then it starts and runs ok with no trigger errors. 

I then swapped it around as per the link diagrams. Same story. Hard to start but not getting lots of trigger errors as I crank. Eventually starts then runs o.k .

Which way of wiring is the proper way?

Any ideas why it's not reading an rpm signal straigh away?

Ecu voltage is good. No power draw .

The original crank sensor wiring has the shielded signal wire on the middle terminal. The link diagram has it on the right hand side. And the cam sensor wires are swapped in both cases.

Also is says use left hand cam sensor. That would be inlet cam sensor? Ie. . . Left hand side of the engine as you sit in drivers seat looking forward?


Thanks Richard Bradley :)


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