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link G1 EMX ecu identification and info

Andy hastie

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Hello link team,

I have happened upon a LINK G1 EMX unit and i am looking to confirm what spec the unit actually is and what it is configured for.

From what I have been told about the unit it was apparently set up on a mazda 13B but the info source was about as intellgent as my neighbours dog - this dog licks windows!!

I have not used or had anything to do with your products previously  but i have experiance with other products on the market.


can you please give me what ever information you have about the unit as per attached photos.

I understand i need a serial link to be able to communicate with the unit via PC and your software PClink.

I have read a fair bit about the units and have read that these  are not the best to install to 13B engines but no info on why they are not best suited to the rotary motors.

Anyway mate any info  you can suply is greaty appreciated.

Im located in Brisbane Aus and Motsons is a stons through away so I will visit them if needed to get it connected and read what tune is installed.


Thank you











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That is one of the first G1 LEMs,

Currently it would suit a distributor application using an optical or hall sensor with one tooth per TDC.

It is only able to be tuned with a hand control.

To get it to talk to a PC it would need a V5 upgrade at $375nz + tax


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