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Link G4+ Atom Conneciton Challenges

Colin Reid

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Fellow Linksters,

I am having some unusual challenges connecting to a new G4+ Atom ECU. When powered on, the blue LED status light comes on however, the blue LED appears to be flickering. The flickering had stopped/stabilizes for a brief moment and I was able to connect the unlock the ECU. However, I have been unable to reconnect and I cannot seem to get the blue LED status light to stop flickering.

In an effort to address this challenge, I had disconnected all of the sensors and outputs just incase something was not wired incorrectly, but the problem still persist. Has anyone every encountered such a challenge with a new G4+ Atom ecu? Your feedback and directions is greatly appreciated.



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Hi Simon,

It was a faulty ground. I am not able to connect to the ecu without and challenges. Thank you.

I need assistance with the following trigger setup:

1 crank angle sensor with two(2) triggers teeth 180 degrees apart on the crank pulley.

1 cam sensor with 1 trigger tooth on the cam gear 

4 cylinders (1,3,4,2)



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Any option of adding more teeth?
As only two teeth will giver poor engine position information. 8 or 12 teeth would be much better.

However to work with  what you have existing you will need to use multi tooth trigger mode.
Tooth count 2
Location Crank

Sync cam x1

Offset will need to be adjusted to get timing close then rechecked once engine is running.
You will need to run extra long dwell times at crank to ensure the coil is charged in time as the engine fires.

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