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VQ30DE Sync Firing order etc

jason mcallister

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Hi. I have just finished wiring a G1 V5 (old girl) link to a Vq30DE and ran up and getting a problem when I crank it sounds like firing order maybe out.  but wanted to check if I had firing order correct. Engine dose start and run.

You guys set computer up with correct sub board etc so that side of it should be all o.k. and have uploaded tune off a mates engine that was running fine but cant check wiring has he has since sold boat.

Nissan firing order 123456

I have wired IG1: 1and4    IG2: 2and5    IG3: 3and6

Is this correct as was reading in the manual about sync?? Do I need to change firing order to suit computer? if so could you tell me the correct way to wire.

Any help would be appeciated.

Thank for you time.

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Thanks Scott I took cover off computer and it has a different Sub board as the one in info. SUBMAXI 231104 its a VQ30DE I think info is for the VG30 with adjustable CAS.

Dosnt look like anything is adjustable is this correct Sub board for my engine.

Main board D42V5E  170806

Also have wired injector driver inj1 to bank number 1 and inj2 to bank number 2


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Hi again,

Sorry about sending you the wrong info! You are correct, there is not settings to adjust on your sub-board. On the Main board of the ECU to do you have 4 way dip-switch? If so there is a possibility these are not set correctly and may be causing an issue on ignition channel three.



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Hi again Jason,

You should set your dip switches as follows:

1: OFF

2: ON

3: ON

4: OFF

For the future, you can find more information on setting these DIP switches up in chapter 9 of the V5 Installation manual.




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