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Injector wiring


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I have a custom harness for my 4 cylinder motor made for the G4, prepared by my dealer.  In it, each of the four injectors has its own injector pin, even though I don't have a cam position sensor and will not be running sequential injection.

As a test set-up, I've been working to build a jumper harness so I can plug the g4 box directly into my factory harness, so that I don't have to replace it with the custom G4 harness just yet.  The factory harness has virtually all the wires as the custom G4 harness.  However, in the factory harness, I only have 2 injector wires, and each is connected to 2 of the injectors.   Is there a way to use this wiring with the G4?  Can I connect the two factory injector wires to inj1 and inj2, only,  and run in batch mode? 

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