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Holden 304 Ignition module

Shaun Hancock

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I have just bought a new G4 Xtreme and I am re-teaching myself stuff I learned and since forgot so I need some clarification on wiring up the ignition module to the distributor and ECU. I want to run sequential injection using a dual trigger distributor (VT V8 Series1). In the attached wiring diagram the crank angle signal goes to the Ignition module and the cam angle signal goes to the ECU. They both share the same +12v supply and ground.

My question is which trigger do I use for the crank angle sensor? Do I use the Distributor refence high/low as digital inputs, and EST as the crank angle trigger?

I understand that the VT distributor Hall Effect sensors only pull to ground so I will need to enable Pull up on the digital inputs, is that right?




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Hi Shaun

You will want the 8 pulse signal from the crank sensor to go in to trigger 1

The sync pulse will then need to be wired to trigger 2.

So on the 4pin plug you will use as follows

Bypass to 8V

EST to trigger 1

Dist ref high to Ignition one output.

Ref low is not used.



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Blue to trig 2 

Green to trig 1 

Assuming V8 application then tooth per TDC trigger mode, Opto hall for both and pullups on.

The Force G4+ seems to be an incorrect ECU choice for this application though as this is not a direct injected motor?

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great thanks for that. 

iv only been given the pin outs diagram so i could be wrong on that model. 

only using loom A. 

and yes 304 v8 VN with vt distributor. was asked (unsure why) to setup using 4 inj drivers. even though it has loom B with the other 4 drivers

was not given coil igniter either. but was given coil pack.

my understanding now is:  distributor (cam and crank) sensors to link triggers, then links  ignt 1 to igniter, then to coil

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