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Generic boost compensation map


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I would find a generic boost compensation map very useful. That way you could span it against any input and use boost compensation in %.

That way you could setup boost table 1 to span against rpm and throttle position and a compensation map to span against wheel slip. That way you don't have to setup specific duty cycles on all places and you could create a truly multi dimensional boost map.

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Currently we do not provide overlay tables to achieve exactly what you wan't, but for something sort of close you could try this:

Set up boost tables - RPM vs TPS and RPM vs %SLIP

Set the switching condition as a virtual aux channel.

Let the virtual Aux channel trigger the change to the second map based on % slip. (e.g. %slip > 1%).

So basically when your wheels spin up, it will change over to the 2nd table - here you can remove boost based on slip. It will change back to the normal table once the slip is equal to or less than 1%.

Make sure that the duty cycles in the slip table are lower than any duty cycle in the 1st table (in regions where slip could occur).

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